Research Questions for a Learning Platform

From a business perspective, NDA’s are great. From my perspective, they suck. What can I show on my website?

There seems to be a way around this. While results (obviously) and process (🤷) are off the cards, it seems nothing is stopping me from talking about the research questions I’ve worked over the last year – and why they were important.

So… here they are!

Questions that teachers were asked

I spent the majority of my time working with teachers across the world. But what did I ask them?

How do teachers monitor their students progress?

With data offered to teachers on every student they taught, this needed to be as relevant as possible.

What are teachers goals when educating a class?

These insights were dramatically influenced by money and politics…

What process do teachers go through when setting group exercises in the classroom?

A big feature being designed allowed teachers to set group exercises work online. Because of this, it was critical to understand what they currently did.

How do teachers plan a lesson?

With a (potential) new system to adopt, fitting this into a teacher’s current routine would make the change easier to make.

The answers to most of these questions were affected by variables including student ability, class size, available time and teacher dedication.
Stock image of teachers in a school.
Yes, it’s a stock image. You wouldn’t believe the amount of paperwork needed just to get into a classroom…

Questions that students were asked

You can’t teach without students – so there were many things that the product teams needed to find out about them too!

How do students practice English outside the classroom?

The platform supplemented their learning – so knowing how this could be done and when it would be used (among other questions) was crucial information.

How do students monitor their progress?

If people don’t feel like they’re improving, they’re less likely to continue. Giving the right information at the right time could have the opposite effect.

Why do students want to learn English?

Something can be made easy to use – but if someone doesn’t want to use it, it won’t be.

Stock image of teachers in a school.
A legit English lesson. Definitely not a stock photo. Nooooooope.

Questions were also posed to administrators, the people who ran the support systems that kept the school running smoothly. The topic of conversation with them was around student onboarding, as the platform was able to support basic CSV uploads.

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