Could a redesign address the user experience, accuracy and performance issues tormenting this parking app?


111 days ago

Electron beam melting

Imagine conducting an experiment you know probably won’t work. Then imagine staking over £70K on the result.

So how did a new design reduce costs by 95%?


112 days ago

Griffon Hoverwork

A year at the world’s largest manufacturer, who had started work on their most ambitious designs yet.

So what did I get up to?


113 days ago


An online book streaming service with over 200,000 titles – and simple to use if you knew what you were looking for.

So why was discovering new content so difficult?


105 days ago

Polygon Pop-Up

Brighton’s “hidden gem” events organiser wanted their meet-ups to become the cities “go-to” attractions.

Could an iOS app help them achieve this?


109 days ago

Previous site designs

Want to see how this site has changed over the years?

See an overview of every version right here – with links to legacy versions if you fancy trying them out!


90 days ago

Rules for concept development

Rules exist to optimise brainstorming.

But could they be created to optimise concept development?


108 days ago

Website Design 1

November 2017. I’d been learning web development for less than a month, and picking up new things every day.

But did I know enough to code a website from scratch?


104 days ago

Website Design 2

With an additional six months of development knowledge, could I fix the layout issues that plagued version 1 of this site?


108 days ago

Website Design 3

Hand-coding a website is very time consuming.

Follow the switch to a CMS in the third installment of the “Website Design” series.


106 days ago

Website Design 4

The previous three versions of this site were development driven – which ended up neglecting the people actually using it.

Could a user centered design process change this?


97 days ago

Website Design 5

Brief, but detailed. Scannable, but informative. Visually striking, but not overly so. The joys of creating a UX portfolio.

How did version 5 define the reading experience – and reduce my bounce rate by more than half?


97 days ago

Website Design 6

How did version 6 apply my user experience, user interface, web development, information architecture and SEO knowledge to create a design that was showcased by the makers of my CMS?


69 days ago